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St Louis, MO Electrician Services

Cain Electric is respected for responding quickly to any customer project or an electrical emergency. As stated, we don't discriminate against any project, big or small. There is no "typical" project, and we are open to listening to your thoughts on your current project or situation. We make your goal our mission. We are Certified Electrical Contractors here to service you.​

24/7 Emergency Electrical Service] 24/7 Emergency Electrical Service

7 days a week appointment scheduling] 7 days a week appointment scheduling

2 Master Electricians on Staff] 2 Master Electricians on Staff

Licensed Bonded and Insured] Licensed Bonded and Insured

Quality Installation and Service] Quality Installation and Service

Serving Entire St. Louis County Area] Serving Entire St. Louis County Area

Serving Entire St. Charles County Area] Serving Entire St. Charles County Area

Design build for small or simple projects

Some of Our Services Include:

Smoke detectors - Do you really know how fast fire can spread throughout a standing structure? Having working smoke alarms can mean the difference between life and death. Even more importantly, these devices must be working properly. Are yours? New homes must have smoke alarms in every sleeping area, and all must be interconnected. Make sure you and your family are safe at all hours of the day.

Industrial and commercial electrical installation and maintenance

Back-up generator installation (our newest specialty)

Real Estate prediction lists - we take care of the simplest/smallest problem to whole house rewires for home sales - It is a buyer's market, and you definitely want to know if the home you're buying is safe to move into. Or perhaps you're selling your home? At Cain, we are there to give you the peace of mind necessary in the buying or selling process.

Outdoor lighting for security purposes

Have access to the best lighting designers in St. Louis and provide service at a low cost due to our relationship with the designers. - Our long-time and unique relationship allows us to get you the lowest estimates for lighting furnishing. What "look" are you trying to achieve? Is there a certain ambiance or mood you are trying to set in your living room? The combination of our known designers and our skilled technicians gives us the ability to make your vision a reality.

Decoration landscape lighting

"Any room" electrical remodeling - Are you living in an unsafe environment? Is your home older than 25 years? We can do electrical remodeling for any room of the house. We do all of our work in conjunction with National Electric Code guidelines. Safety is our most important issue, and not just for our technicians, but establishing a safe environment for you and your family or fellow workers is our most important issue.

Home electrical inspections for homebuyers

Commercial electrical inspections for investment buyers

Hot Tub circuit installation - A hot tub can be relaxing, fun, and enjoyable for people of all ages... when it's installed and working, that is. Many of our customers bought hot tubs with the notion to self-install. Well, from the feedback we've received, it is easier said than done. We can get your hot tub up and bubbling in no time. Call Cain to set up an appointment.

Outdoor light poles up to 45 ft. in height

Installation of outdoor receptacles

Updating to code

Trouble-shooting and repairing electrical problems - Sometimes problems occur with no warning or no evidence to contribute to the problem. That is where we come in. Our experienced servicemen will be able to assess your situation and come up with the accurate solutions to any electrical malfunction that disgraced your home or business.

Installing network cabling and communications wire for home, business, or industrial machinery

Industrial motor controls and conveyor wiring

PLC wiring

Generator installation (7,000 watts to 750 kilowatts or greater)

Fluorescent lighting retrofits from T12 to T8 or T12-T8 to T5

Energy-saving installations for high bay lighting designed to pay itself off within two years

Any project in any situation - We can do anything in the electrical industry. Our knowledge and experience is by-far above standard for the industry. Call us with your problems, emergencies, and inquiries, and we will provide you with answers, excellent service, and a finished product that we (and you) can admire.

Our industry knowledge and ability to do any variety of jobs is not all that you get at Cain Electric. You also get workers who look and act like professionals. Our workers are dedicated to being different from the average contractor and believe that a happy customer is the result of a job well done. Our technicians truly care about your personal experience and finished solution. We go above and beyond expectations to make sure our client's service requirements are met and exceeded..

  •     Electrical Service Repair and Upgrades
  •     100/200/400 amp Residential Services
  •     Panel Change out
  •     Hot Tub Circuit Installation
  •     Electrical Problem Troubleshooting and Wiring Repair
  •     Installation of new electrical circuits
  •     Add switches and receptacles to existing circuits
  •     Recessed Lighting, and Track Lighting
  •     Whole home or Business Surge protection
  •     Energy Savings Devices
  •     Solar Energy Consultant and Installer
  •     Electric Vehicle Charging Station
  •     Back Up Generator Installation
  •     Parking Lot Lighting Repair and Installation
  •     Phone, Data and Network wiring
  •     Landscape Lighting Design and Installation
  •     Security Camera System installation
  •     And Much, Much more.